Hot Potatoes Add-ons Bugs and Updates Page

This page contains a list of unimplemented features, bugs and updates in the release. Grey background items are fixed or completed; white ones are still live or suspected live.

Date Affected application(s) Description / How to reproduce Explanation Solution Thanks to Status
13/02/2020 Find-it type 2 Incorrect check some stuff for still in the code removal of all the stuff for Thanks to Andrew Balaam FIb version5.0.2.0 (13/02/2020).
31/01/2020 JCloze drop down Ineffective button "Solution" Show_Solution instead of Show_Hint in jcloze7.ht_ JCdd version5.0.1.2 (31/01/2020).
30/01/2020 JMatch Map Incorrect pictures in the tutorial new tutorial Thanks to Fernanda Rodrigues JMM version (30/01/2020).
29/01/2020 JCloze drop down Unneeded files in the source folder new zip Thanks to Andrew Balaam JCdd version (29/01/2020).
19/01/2020 Horizontal JMatch new hp7.cs_ JMH version (19/01/2020).
12/01/2020 Horizontal JMatch No way to add an audio button underneath an image in an item. div.FCardStyle_xxx have flex-direction: row; by default suppression of the flex part in div.FCardStyle_xxx in hp7.cs_. Thanks to Olivier for the discovery. Fixed in JMH version 2.0.3 (15/01/2020).
09/01/2020 Horizontal JMatch Erratic display of mini audio button when play/pause was enabled. error in the code of the player new player: player3.js. Fixed in JMH version 2.0.3 (15/01/2020).
09/01/2020 Horizontal JMatch On Android devices the font-size of the reading text was incorrect. fontboosting? max-height: 5000em; added in div.ReadingContainer. Fixed in JMH version 2.0.3 (15/01/2020).
05/01/2020 Horizontal JMatch No possibility to have anything else than an audio button in a card. error in the code of djmatch7.js_ correction in djmatch7.js_ Fixed in JMH version 2.0.3 (15/01/2020).
04/01/2020 Horizontal JMatch Mini audio button distorded on Android right and left padding not taken in account in the same way than on a PC ??? Modification of the padding to have a wider button on touch devices. Not a solution but an improvement.
The audio button is now bigger.
in JMH version 2.0.3 (15/01/2020).
03/01/2020 Horizontal JMatch We could see the standard audio control before seeing the mini audio button controls="controls" in the audio tag before the script transforms it into a mini audio button Modification of the documentation about audio. Fixed in JMH version 2.0.3 (15/01/2020).
21/12/2019 Horizontal JMatch On touch devices, it was impossible to hear a sound when clicking on a draggable mini audio button. e.preventDefault() in moveFunc and endFunc prevents a click on the button. Removal of e.preventDefault() Thanks to all the testers of hotpotatoesusers (Andrew, Fernanda, Rodolphe, Michael, Sri). Fixed in JMH version 2.0.2 (24/12/2019).